Frequently Asked Questions

Who doesn't have questions when choosing a new cleaning company?  We hope these questions are of use to you and please contact us with any others!

No, unless it is a special circumstance. During our original meeting or shortly thereafter, we will provide you with an exact quote. Our rates are based on each home and the individual's needs, our rates will not change during reoccurring visits unless something else is specifically requested. We are here to make your life easier!

The number of team members in your home will depend on the service we are providing. Our general cleans typically are a solo cleaner who will attend to your needs every 2 weeks. Larger services such as remodel clean-ups, make ready, and things of that sort will have larger teams in order to complete everything as necessary in one day. 

No! Some of our customers leave while others stay home. It completely depends on your personal preference. We do ask that you wait for the cleaner to arrive and greet them. At this time our cleaners should be informed where their payment is, and if there is anything else you need to be done during this visit. 

​For our services, we ask that you provide the cleaner with cash or a check made out to TnP Cleaning Solutions.   We do have the option to pay online through our scheduling app that will send you an invoice when the service is completed.

No, we understand that life may get in the way sometimes. We are confident that our customers are happy with our cleanings and they feed the value in our rates and service.

Our team members must match our core values. All team members have passed a background check upon hiring. 
TnP Cleaning solutions is fully licensed, insured and bonded. 

We do chemical-free cleans. This means that all of our cleaning supplies are chemical-free. We use homemade cleaners, and essential oils, along with  Young Living's Thieves. 

If you are not satisfied contact Pamela Northcutt at (325) 725-4386 no longer than 24 hours after your clean. Any issues after 6 p.m. will be resolved the following morning. She will ensure that you are fully satisfied and will properly fix whatever issues may arise. 

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